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Western Galilee Treasures

Breakfast at Alto, Kibbutz Shomrat – We will open the morning with a kosher dairy meal and a fascinating lecture that tells the story of the establishment of the dairy, the process of cheese production, an acquaintance with different cheeses and an explanation of the advantages of dairy products. The restaurant serves as a dairy, a factory store, a visitor center and an exciting and charming family-run cafe.
“Mavrhatey”, Kibbutz Evron – An Ethiopian house built of land and straw, just like countless other “gogs” scattered in Ethiopian villages. “Mavrhatey” which means “My light” began with the initiative of a special woman, Yonay Skiva, who hosts groups out of faith in the vision of bringing the hearts closer. Through the exposure of the visual and cultural languages of the Ethiopian community. Yoni is a veteran Ethiopian immigrant, group facilitator and psychodrama therapist and educator. An unforgettable, unique and exciting experience.
Exciting ride aboard Tornado boats, Achziv beach – strong boats equipped with a pair of powerful, high-speed engines. From Akhziv Bay through the Rosh Hanikra Islands to the border with Lebanon, including an observation point towards the city of Tzur, from the huge Rosh Hanikra cliff and the elephant’s foot, back along the beautiful coastline.
Lunch at the “300 gram” restaurant, Betzet – in the heart of the banana groves, next to a granary, in a large wooden house surrounded by a courtyard, is the chef Itay Hasson’s “300 gram” restaurant who fulfilled a childhood dream and opened a rustic restaurant in a Galilean atmosphere. The restaurant focuses on meat cravings, aging and smoking of high quality meat.The restaurant focuses on meat cravings, aging and smoking of high quality meat. The restaurant is Kosher LeMehadrin and offers high quality main dishes in the menu, which are the fruit of Chef Itay Hasson’s imagination.
Idan fruits, Moshav Betzet – The colorful and seductive display of “Idan Fruits” includes dried fruits that you have not yet encountered.”Idan Fruits” is a future empire that will bring Israel back the lost honor of the dried fruits from Turkey. The tour begins with a banana plantation where we will learn about growing bananas and various types and then to the visitors’ center. We will learn about the secrets of the dried fruits, and we will be helped to a glass of flavored tea and tasting of the fruits.

Excursion route Northern Negev - Red South

“La Medavesh” – Kibbutz Bari
We start our day with nutritious breakfast with fresh breads, 3 types of cheeses, chopped vegetables, butter, jam, olives, yogurt, granola and water. We follow with a professional bike ride in the beautiful nature surrounding Kibbutz Bari accompanied by a tour guide with historical explanations and stories about the area – the sulphur factory and mines, the ammunition depots, old Bari and more.
La Madavesh Bicycle centre provides everything cyclists and hikers need: a bicycle shop with bicycles of all types and sizes, a coffee shop, toilets, a parking lot and more.

Barak Nursery and visitor center
A tour of the huge space of flowering pots in a variety of colors and the huge area of mother plants for picking, multiplication and delivery to all customers abroad and in Israel.
Visitors receive detailed instructions and explanations on how to achieve spectacular results in their home garden. Possibility to purchase from the large selection, in all varieties and in all colours, in pots, planters and bowls. In addition, you will hear the fascinating story of Moshav Ein HaBesor, which was established in the Gaza Strip by evacuees from Yamit, and the personal and amazing story of our marketing manager, Jan Berman, against the background of the events of the Tzook Eitan war.
Our guest corner includes coffee and light refreshments.

The suspension bridge
Walking path in the suspension bridge – a hanging rope bridge, the longest of its kind in the country. It is about 80 meters long and stretches between the two banks of the Besor River and above a natural water pool, Be’er Tze’elim, which is full of water all year round. Around the water source is a tangle of reeds, soft-shelled turtles and many type of birds.

At the of our lovely tour we will have lunch at Kibbutz Tze’elim

Escape rooms and adrenaline in the desert

We are pleased to introduce you to a new experience that combines The “Escape-Room game at the Monastery of Euthymius” experience with a fun, self-driving, course in RZRs in the Judean Desert.
The trip passes through the Good Samaritan Range and the beautiful Og Stream and its mighty canyon. We will continue a challenging drive within a beautiful gorge to “the Cave” (an Ancient resevoir), Listen to an explanation about the northern Judean Desert and return to the Samaritan Range in front of the Adumim Citadel. Length of track: about an hour.Great experience guaranteed.
Secrets in the monastery – an “Escape-Room” game at the Monastery of Euthymius.
at the entrance, the participants will be greeted by a guide dressed in the traditional cloths of the monastery. After an explanation of the place and the nature of the activity,
we will reset timers, get a map of the monastery, and set off following the lost mosaic.
Only a team that works collaboratively, deciphers the codes on time , finds out where the lost mosaic of the monastery was planted. Participants will travel between 4 main sites throughout the monastery: the church, the large reservoir, the cisterns and the sacred crypt of Euthymius. Participants must locate and collect in an allotted time of approximately 90 minutes all parts of the lost mosaic that have been placed inside locked boxes
and various hideouts throughout the site. The activity consists of a variety of challenging tasks and requires full cooperation between group members, thinking outside the box,
and creats adrenaline, healthy competitiveness and a lot of good mood.
Minimum group of 30 people, max of 50.

B e s t   o f   l u c k ! ! !

תיירות אילות

Southmost Agriculture

An unusual agricultural tour that takes you into the story of the most southern kibbutz in the world and is immersed in landscapes of gold, desert and sea. The tour will begin in the dining room area, which later became the “Kapot Tmarim” restaurant. The tour will be guided and accompanied by a founding member of the kibbutz. The story of Kibbutz Eilot / Terminal Yitzhak Rabin – Crossing the border to Jordan / The blossom of palm trees, The tale of Irac and how the dates were brought to the country. finally we will taste the juicy Mjhoul dates and drink a refreshing cocktail. The tour takes about two hours. September – April.

מגל סיור חקלאי

Kibbutz Magal

A tour of the kibbutz offers a tour of the past and present, a visit to Netafim’s greenhouses park, a walk to watch the orchards and the area, an explanation of coexistence and a visit to the Masik Magal factory store and lunch in the kibbutz dining room.

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