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אגדת לחם גשר הישנה

"Legend Of Bread" - Naharayim

The “Legend of Bread” is a fantastic story about a brick oven that survived since 1924 and has been renovated. Today it serves for the enjoyment of visitors, who are able to bake amazing focaccia bread to their hearts’ content!! All of the food served is prepared with love by the Legend of Bread kitchen staff. Participants in the workshop are given an apron and chef’s hat. Then they roll up their sleeves, form balls of dough, and prepare the most delicious focaccia with the addition of a variety of vegetables (eggplant, squash, onion, peppers) za’atar, sesame, pesto, tomato sauce and more…

הכנענית מסעדת שף דרומית

The Canaanite - Chef Restaurant

Canaanite is a desert chef restaurant in an authentic atmosphere and at eye level. At the Canaanite you can find a rich selection of respectable meat cuts, indulgent fish dishes, unusual chicken dishes, a variety of salads and appetizers, and of course red wines and boutique beers from the southern region. The restaurant also offers a varied selection of desserts, and of course all this under the supervision of the Mateh Binyamin rabbinate. Who is hungry ? Come for a meal – you won’t stop enjoying yourself.

Capot Tmarim - Kibbutz Eilot

Come and enjoy real homemade food in the southernmost kibbutz of the world! Right at the entrance to the city of Eilat, surrounded by enchanting landscapes of the Gulf of Eilat and the Edom Mountains, Capot Tamrim restaurant serves a variety of traditional dishes, casseroles, grilled meats and a selection of colorful and rich salads.The vivid desert landscape, green lawns, trees and plants harmoniously blend to provide a magical oasis. Capot Tmarim, a kosher restaurant under the supervision of the Eilat Rabbinate, offers a variety of meals, catering services, ready cooked dishes to take home , by weight and is the perfect place to holds private and business events.

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