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Welcome to Tourism in 2021: Regional Tourism

In recent years more and more people realize that instead of traveling to one tourist spot, it’s more interesting to visit a few tourist spots together. The big advantage of the tourism Region is that its visitors enjoy an especially large selection of entertainment options and places of interest spread out in a nearby geographical area. These are usually tourist spots that complement each other and provide travelers with everything they want: hiking trails, guest rooms, boutique wineries, art galleries, attractions, gourmet restaurants alongside local ethnic cuisines, cafes, alternative therapies, bike tours and more.

The tourism Regions is an excellent marketing concept that unites all business owners in the field of tourism in one geographic space and presents a wonderful Combination of green landscapes, a variety of hiking trails, national parks, and tourist attractions alongside local restaurants and places to stay at all price ranges. 

Above all, Regional tourism presents excellent people. Real Israelis, like you, who open their homes all year round and invite tourists to visit them, stay, eat, learn, create and collect new life experiences.

The largest cities in Israel and around the world have long understood the power of concentrated tourism marketing. Instead of advertising one tourism spot, they concentrate the budget and invite the tourists to a regional holiday that contains all the requirements, needs and tastes of the traveling family.

This marketing idea is particularly true and natural for the small, independent tourism business spread across the country. The latest social revolution has unveiled a new crowd looking for fewer flashy hotels with long neon corridors, Saturday lifts and entertainment teams… And more Israeli, rooted and personal tourism, close to the land, nature and soul.

In recent years, a number of regional tourism associations have been established to promote and market domestic tourism. The associations initiate special events throughout the year and provide a broad marketing umbrella for the tourism business. They help bring in new visitors, help businesses in their areas, and stimulate the local economy. 

When working together, the power of tourism sites increases significantly. Typically, in a given area, tourist spots are unique in style and can naturally be complementary products. That’s how business leverages each other and everyone benefits.

In conclusion, regional-spatial tourism marketing operates in the model of a musical instrument orchestra that connects different musicians who complement each other and create a wonderful melody together. Everyone can agree that our weather is perfect for travel most days of the year… And the distances are pretty short. So get in the car open a map, open Waze and go hiking around Israel.

Travel, and Discover Israel.
Yours, Miri Yossef.

Franciscan Monastery Ramla

Ramla Tourism - Close to the eye Close to the heart

The city of Ramla was established at the initiative of the ruler Suleiman ‘Abd al-Malq in the early eighth century AD. The city was built on sands, hence its name Ramla (Ramel = sand in Arabic). Ramla, which sits on the ancient road between Jaffa and Jerusalem, served as the district capital. Napoleon, Richard Lev Ari and many others passed through it, camped, built and continued on their way. Ramla is a very special city full of history. You can take a boat ride in an underground pool of water, climb a 700-year-old white tower and from there look out over Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan, walk in one of the largest and highest quality colorful markets in Israel, wander among churches, mosques and synagogues. Come and experience the unique tourist sites of Ramla, meet artists in the Old City, taste the menus of the city’s famous restaurants as well as the delicacies of the large and covered market, all in the heart of the country, 20 minutes from Tel Aviv. Everyone is cordially invited

Northern Negev - ''Sdot Shikma'' Habasor

The “Sdot Shikma” organization is a registered association established by the regional councils in the northern Negev in order to promote and market tourism in the northern Negev region. The association is a non-profit organization and all the funds raised are earmarked for the activity and promotion of the area. Throughout the year, the association holds many festivals, such as: a hot-air balloon festival, a food festival and a potato festival. But the festival that is most identified with the northern Negev is the “Darom Adom” (blossoming red flowers) Festival – where the flowering of the anemones, spreads out on carpets and large expanses, invites visitors to the area to experience the wonder. The red anemone cultivars recur every year in January-February.

עכו העתיקה

Secrets of old Acre

The city’s fascinating historical heritage, rare blend of East and West, authentic glimpses from the past, and unique mix of religious beliefs and remnants from different cultures, have all turned akko into one of the most vital Ancient World cities. Akko’s walls, fortresses, castles, churches, mosques, synagogues and other structures tell the story of the many rulers that governed, fought for, built and adorned the City.
Akko’s sites include remnants of the Hellenistic-Roman period as well as structures from the Crusader and Ottoman periods: the underground Crusader city, Khan al-Umdan, the Turkish Baths, the Bahai Temple, the Ramchal Synagogue, etc.
In Akko you will find the traces of a great many nations and religious movements ranging from the Canaanites, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Crusaders, the Mamluks and the Turks to the Brtish. Akko’s colorful Oriental markets, city walls, museums, beaches and water sports facilities, Fishermen’s Port, marina, restaurants, hotels and annual picturesque festivals are just a few more of the City’s tourist attractions.
Visiting Akko is an emotional journey to a glorious past and a one-of-a-kind experience. Join us for an exciting visit to an ancient city with a young soul – a city declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

הגליל המערבי

Treasures of the Galilee

“Treasures of the Galilee” is an innovative grand, non profit, initiative aimed at leaping tourism to the Western Galilee, through upgrading the tools for choosing your vacation experience. Whether a short or long vacation – the Treasures of the Galilee portal enables you to customize your activities, accommodations, attractions and restaurants.

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