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Northern landscape - Kibbutz Ortal

In the wild view of the Golan Heights there is the tourist center “Northern landscape”. Holiday accommodation complex offers luxurious and romantic, european style wooden huts, embedded in a pine forest for couples, next to entertainment for families and groups and rustic accommodation. To complete the experience, Kibbutz Ortal offers you a Therapeutic Massage treatment room designed in a special atmosphere. Rest and relaxation for body and soul.

Ramat Rachel Resort - Jerusalem

With a clear and expansive view of the stunningly beautiful Judean Hills, the Ramat Rachel Resort offers high-quality accommodations in a pastoral setting just minutes away from the city of Jerusalem. The hotel, nestled in a peaceful green setting, is surrounded by natural groves and captivating hills. All of its 165 spacious rooms are enhanced by clear views of this magnificent landscape.

Kedem Hotel - Tirat HaCarmel

The house for both body and soul is located between the eastern slopes of the Carmel forests and the sea,
It is a personal, intimate and exciting hotel that reveals to you the beauty of nature and the proficiency of man in his craft to create a hotel harmonious with its surroundings,
unique in his vision and prominent in its design and architecture.
The luxurious hotel features 61 guest rooms and expansive suites decorated in a modern and warm fashion while thinking about the small details,
and built to give the stayers the peace and relaxation along with a variety of content such as :
lectures, hiking, musical evenings and fine vegetarian culinary accompanied by boutique wines from the region.

מלון נוף צוקים

Nof Zuqim, (Cliffs' View) Arava

12 luxurious holiday cabins located north of Zuqim settlement, in the heart of the landscape, overlooking the meeting point of the flood channels Ashosh and Tzofar. The compound is very unique and fits into the surrounding natural environment. From the cabins there is a breathtaking view especially when overlooking the winter floods. We have given thought to every last detail in order to provide you with a quality desert stay. The cabins are identical but only differ in the view from them. They are all well-equipped to allow you the maximum comfort and can accommodate up to five people.

מלון אילות

Kibbutz Eilot - Southernest kibbutz in the world

In Kibbutz Eilot, among the palms and shaded lawns are spacious guestrooms and suites. The rural hospitality of Kibbutz Eilot overlooks the triple point of connection between the Eilat Mountains in the west, the Edom Mountains in the east and Mount Shachmon, in front of which the Red Sea is spread. A cable TV, fridge, electric kettle, coffee maker and air conditioner can be enjoyed in the rooms. For guests” convenience there is a swimming pool and peaceful green lawns.

מלון שפיים

Shefayim Hotel, Kibbutz Shefayim

In the center of the country, close to everywhere, the hotel is immersed amidst vast green lawns, enchanting flowered gardens, and is close to the sea shore, the “Sharon Coast” nature reserve, and the “Huzot Shefayim” shopping and attractions center. The hotel includes 145 spacious and pleasant rooms, which enable you to enjoy a business holiday or a private holiday, together with a Water Park open during the summer months, which offers a multitude of attractions for all vacationers.

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