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Miri Yosef - Marketing Tourism Sites


MYTM Company | Miri Yosef – Marketing and development of tourism sites, is spearheading, and the leading tourism company in Israel for over 24 years (since 1996). The company is promoting, marketing, advertising, and representing tourism sites throughout the country, advising and accompanying hotels, attractions, restaurants and various experiences to increase the influx of visitors and promote sales.

Miri Yosef specializes in marketing tourism to groups, both inbound and domestic tourism groups. Here you will also find the construction of unique and varied tour days, and planning days of bonding for companies in accordance with the nature of the group and for the purpose of the activity. Depending on the budget and nature of the participants, it is recommended to combine experiences, attractions, restaurant meals and hotel accommodations to guest rooms nationwide especially for groups.

MYTM Miri Yosef – works with all tourism agents in Israel, both in domestic tourism and inbound tourism to Israel, as well as with production companies, tour guides, companies and direct customers. The services displayed on the site are provided on behalf of the tourist sites through our marketing center.

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After all, we have a great country.

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Miri Yosef has been at the top of Israel’s tourism sector for years.
She is the pillar of light and the loving heart, uncompromisingly professional and always a step ahead of everyone else.


Smadar Lahav

MYTM is one of the leading and oldest tourism site marketing companies in the field.
Miri Yosef, who leads it, is hardworking, smart, professional and a kind soul.
Highly recommended


Ami Elram

Only a handful of people have the miraculous ability of Miri Yosef to plan, organize and execute. In the chaos that is raging you succeed to produce a perfect and accurate tourist tour, which contains everything needed to market and promote tourism in Israel.
There are not enough praises and compliments to describe our appreciation for your work. Miri, we admire you. Thank you


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