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Canaan Desert Tours

Attractions and experiences in Jerusalem, Judean Desert and northern Dead Sea. Jeep tours, ATV tours, self-driving ranger tours, navigation games, rock climbing, bicycle tours, rope parks, ODT workshops, riding trips (camels, horses, donkeys). Fun days, spectacular night events in nature, weddings, professional workshops for calming body and soul, meals hosting in tents and more. Canaan Desert Tourism also specializes in performing field trips and challenging productions for companies, organizations, educational institutions and family celebrations. The tours are characterized by a high level of organization and performance, with each individual receiving the most attention. Devote considerable effort to planning the trips and adapting it to travelers according to the areas of interest, age, group nature, season of the year and of course the purpose of the activity day.

Agritour Magal

Zionist Agriculture - Agritour Magal

A fascinating and enriching tour evoking values, dreams and Israeli achievements – innovation, agriculture and Zionism. A unique mixture of content that reveals Israel’s diverse capabilities, strengths, and advantages in a wide range of fields that are the pride of the country. Netafim – innovative world-changing precise water technologies, the renewed Kibbutz under a fascinating geopolitical texture, and Masik Kibbutz Magal’s smart agriculture initiatives and developments.
Israeli pride and tangible Zionism.

Naharayim at Gesher - Bridges of Vision

A site combining Zionism with vision and practice. Guided tours and a large, unusual dynamic representation that combines dams, water, sounds and color, tells how an arid desert turned into a symbol for the realization of the vision and development of Israeli industry in the Land of Israel. after which, tourists could visit the underground bunker used by the members of the kibutz.

Lazarovitz Home - An exciting historical Israeli experience

What has a man left with of his parents’ home and his childhood?
Memories, images and sights, sounds and smells that awaken his youth every day anew. Join a guided, fascinating and special tour of the Atlit refugee camp, visit the Lazarowitz Home and watch the moving film “Tzadik as Tamar Yifrach” that casts a special and inspiring light on the Lazarovitz family. A story of a Jewish family in Palestine before the establishment of the State of Israel.

Desert Escape - a fun Navigation Game in the desert

recommended for groups or individuals on the way to Eilat. This special orienteering game, created by the Linzenberg family of “Nof Zuqim”, offers a fun, educational, team-building activity between desert slopes and acacia trees. It is suitable and recommended for groups of all sizes and ages. The activity takes place in the land surrounding the settlement Zuqim and lasts about two hours. It is possible to play in both Hebrew and English and it is possible to make adjustments to suit the size of any group.

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